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Breakfast With Tiffany Show

Tiffany Rossdale

Tiffany Rossdale went from being a provocative top trans "Showgirl" in Tokyo’s Shinjuku red light a powerhouse in the "Ginza Hostess" scene. Leveraging her experiences in both of these worlds, she went on to become for many, the "Queen of Tokyo's nightlife" before freeing herself of the toxicity of the the underground party scene and making a drastic change to a daytime career doing PR, Marketing and Sales and then going on to become a force for positivity, growth and self-improvement in the lives of the people around her; all while working through the process of her own mental and physical transition and transformation. Bringing in influential guests both in the LGBTQ+ community and out, Breakfast with Tiffany Show is all about evolution, empowerment, spirituality, self-love and ultimately how to find a better you; by listening to people who have made great life transitions themselves. Special thanks to the following creative artists ~ Maggie Frank for the official logo artwork design/ Kazunori Kumamoto for the official music tracks ~

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