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What Is An Animal Sanctuary? (Part 1)

October 17, 2022 Tiffany Rossdale / Mina Martinez Episode 118
Breakfast With Tiffany Show
What Is An Animal Sanctuary? (Part 1)
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Show Notes

This week we will be covering a conversation with Tiffany’s long time friend, Mina Martinez who is currently running an Animal Sanctuary named "AnimO" in Chiba, Japan. This interview was filmed and will be featured later on the Breakfast with Tiffany show Youtube Channel here:

This was Tiffany's first time at an Animal Sanctuary and she cautions listeners to adjust volumes with the random animal  background noise that may be caught during this interview. This will be Part ONE of a two part piece.

Mina begins by sharing with us how she started her Animal Sanctuary. As a city girl who began taking care of various animals, the complaints from the neighbors and the suggestion from her mother to move to the countryside began Mina's journey. Mina also reveals how her ADHD and Autism gets her impulsive and how the routine at the Sanctuary helps her through the day. We learn what drives her to care for the various animals, where her love came from, how she teaches herself to manage the animals well beings and so on. For those who have a love for animals, especially those that are vulnerable and need the extra care and support, check out AnimO and don't forget to tune in on Part TWO of this interview next week!

Mina Martinez is a Dog trainer, personal trainer, heavily tattooed and massive animal lover, rescuer and founder and operator of her animal sanctuary, AnimO.

You can follow Mina's Animal Sanctuary below;



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